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Failed to parse (LaTeXML (experimental; uses MathML): Invalid response ("") from server "http://latexml:8080/convert/":): {\displaystyle {\displaystyle \frac{1}{2\cpi}\int_0^{\infty}\left|\frac{\EulerGamma@{a+\iunit x}\EulerGamma@{b+\iunit x}\EulerGamma@{c+\iunit x}}{\EulerGamma@{2\iunit x}}\right|^2 \ctsdualHahn{m}@{x^2}{a}{b}{c}\ctsdualHahn{n}@{x^2}{a}{b}{c}\,dx {}+\frac{\EulerGamma@{a+b}\EulerGamma@{a+c}\EulerGamma@{b-a}\EulerGamma@{c-a}}{\EulerGamma@{-2a}} {}\sum_{\begin{array}{c} {\scriptstyle k=0,1,2\ldots}\\ {\scriptstyle a+k<0}\end{array}} \frac{\pochhammer{2a}{k}\pochhammer{a+1}{k}\pochhammer{a+b}{k}\pochhammer{a+c}{k}}{\pochhammer{a}{k}\pochhammer{a-b+1}{k}\pochhammer{a-c+1}{k}k!}(-1)^k {} \ctsdualHahn{m}@{-(a+k)^2}{a}{b}{c}\ctsdualHahn{n}@{-(a+k)^2}{a}{b}{c} {}=\EulerGamma@{n+a+b}\EulerGamma@{n+a+c}\EulerGamma@{n+b+c}n!\,\Kronecker{m}{n} }}


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Symbols List

 : integral :
 : Euler's gamma function :
 : imaginary unit :
 : continuous dual Hahn polynomial :
 : sum :
 : Pochhammer symbol :
 : Kronecker delta :


Equation in Section 9.3 of KLS.

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