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For the sake of compactness, we use the abbreviated \lrselection notation in a number of formulas.

This macro is in the category of polynomials.

In math mode, this macro can be called in the following way:

\lrselection produces Failed to parse (unknown function "\lrselection"): {\displaystyle {\displaystyle \lrselection}}

These are defined by Failed to parse (unknown function "\AffqKrawtchouk"): {\displaystyle {\displaystyle \AffqKrawtchouk{n}@{q^{-x}}{p}{N}{q}=\frac{1}{\qPochhammer{pq,q^{-N}}{q}{n}}\monicAffqKrawtchouk{n}@{q^{-x}}{p}{N}{q}. }}

Symbols List

 : bracketed generalization of  :
 : affine -Krawtchouk polynomial :
 : -Pochhammer symbol :
 : monic affine -Krawtchouk polynomial :